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What documents are needed if you live in a leasehold flat?

  • A copy of the lease (although, for a small additional fee, we can locate it for you)
  • Regulations made by the Landlord or management company
  • The most recent service charge accounts and receipts
  • Building insurance policy details and payment receipts
  • Memorandum and articles of the Landlord or management company

What properties do not need a Home information Pack?

  • Non-residential properties
  • Mixed commercial and residential properties
  • Tenanted Properties
  • Properties with leases of 21 years or less left to run

How long does a Pack last for?

While the property is on the market, there is no need to update the Home Information Pack (ultimately, the market decides whether the documents remain acceptable and up to date).

If the sale of your property stops and then starts again, you would normally be required to assemble a new Pack and to update those documents which are now out of date according to the requirements of the Home Information Pack Regulations. However, the seller can carry on using the same Pack without the need to update any of the documents in the following circumstances:

  • Where marketing stopped because the seller accepted an offer and wants to restart marketing because the sale has fallen through, provided that remarketing starts within one year of the date when marketing first began or, if later, within 28 days of the sale falling through.
  • Where marketing has stopped for any other reason, the seller may remarket the property with the same Pack provided that remarketing starts within one year of the date when marketing first began.

What happens to Energy Performance Certificates once they're complete?

All domestic Energy Performance Certificates are lodged in a central database. Energy Assessors (through their Accreditation Schemes) lodge them as they produce them, and each is given a unique reference number. Access to the database is restricted, so only those who have the unique reference number can access the certificate for a particular property.

How long does an EPC last for?

An EPC must be no older than three months old at the time it is included in a Pack. The EPC will be valid for as long as the property is on the market. If the property is removed from the market and returned to the market more than a year after the first point of marketing, a new EPC must be produced prior to return to market.

Do you have to have a Home Condition Report?

Home Condition Reports are no longer required elements of the Home Information Pack. However, vendors can request them if they so wish at an additional cost.

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